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We are building a worldwide network of inspectors. This is the "AirBNB" of vehicle inspections.

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InspectWise secures your car deals

We at InspectWise's services are here for you to make your car purchase 100% secure. Finland's largest insurance company OP-Pohjola has entrusted InspectWise so strongly that they insure any damages caused by crime up to € 200,000. This insurance protects your car purchase. The pre-purchase inspection report aims to reveal anything hidden by the seller. You can buy a vehicle remotely with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Comprehensive and clear report

Our reports have been described as "super awesome" and "thorough". We will support you at every step of your purchase decision. This will help you negotiate a final price on your vehicle. Our reports are presented in a professional manner. Our agents are well trained and fully qualified for every inspection.

Car photography during inspection

Some sellers try to hide faults when they take photos. Our inspectors are trained to spot these faults and will send many additional photos from different angles to highlight any damage or faults in the vehicle during the inspection.

We can do the deal on your behalf

This is something our competitors can't provide. Is it impossible for you to inspect a vehicle yourself? Certified professional agent will operate as your personal inspector and purchasing agent. Our company will insure a 100% Safe remote deal. We also provide vehicle transportation to an arranged location.

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Inspector will travel to the seller's location Starting from € 90 + mileage allowance by km. Full money back guarantee.

To view our costs and to choose one of our nearby agents, please enter vehicle location. You can enter either the exact street address or just the city and country (e.g. Berlin, Germany)

Make car deals easily and safely

Watch the video and learn the dangers involved in buying a used car. Use our car inspection services before buying any vehicle and You can be 100% safe. You will know exactly what you are purchasing. Our inspectors will do a thorough report on any damage, faults or flaws found during the inspection. With our report you will be able to negotiate an accurate price for your vehicle before purchase.

Your order is always fully insured

When you partner with us to purchase your vehicle you will be insured up to € 200,000.

Our company is ranked #1 by Dun & Bradstreet

Our company has the highest possible credit rating.

Full money back guarantee

A fully refunded payment if the vehicle is sold before our agent makes an inspection.

Why do you need InspectWise?

Your perfect car is not always near you
Are you struggling to find your perfect car? The perfect Spec? The perfect color? It may not be available locally. When you partner with our company we open up the European market for you. We offer an easy, convenient and safe way to purchase your vehicle remotely even from another country. We have agents based throughout Europe. You can find the car of your dreams all from the comfort of your home.

What is the actual condition of the vehicle
How can you be assured of the vehicles condition, whether everything is working perfectly or whether it has been damaged and repaired? Even the most honest car dealer may not have had the time to thoroughly inspect each vehicle. You can send your InspectWise agent to the seller's location. Our report is "super awesome", thorough and easy to read. Any faults found will help in negotiating the right price. You will avoid having consumer disputes after purchase because you will have peace of mind and a guarantee in knowing exactly what you bought.

How to protect yourself against fraud?
How can you identify if a car has been stolen or cloned? Every minute up to two cars are stolen somewhere within Europe. How can you be certain that the seller really has the right to sell you the car, or that the documents haven’t been fabricated? Skilled professional criminals also advertise vehicles for sale online. A legitimate car dealer’s website could be hacked and account numbers displayed may be part of a scam. As a buyer, you need professional help and insurance coverage against criminals. InspectWise's service is there for you to make your car deals 100% secure. Finland's largest insurance company trusts InspectWise so strongly that they insure any damages caused by crime up to € 200,000. This insurance protects your car deals. You can buy a car remotely with peace of mind. InspectWise secures your car deals!

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Lowest credit risk
Ranked #1 by Dun & Bradstreet

Certificates from TÜV Germany

car insurance
We are fully insured

Car loan on selected countries

secure payments
Secure payments by CheckOut

How pre purchase car inspection works?

1. You place an order and pay it securely online. Read more about our full money back guarantee.

2. We schedule the inspection. For little extra you receive the car history to your email before the inspection is made.

3. Our agent performs the on-site inspection. You receive the report with photos to your email.

4. You can review the agent by giving him 1-5 stars on his speed, professionalism and the quality of photos.

Services and reports

See sample report. Agent will go to the seller’s location to inspect and test drive the car. All inspectors will use our online inspection form to produce a high quality report. Every agent can set their own price for the inspection report and mileage allowance by km. You can give a review score to the agent after the report is completed.


Car history investigation

This report is done before the actual inspection. Our professionals will collect all available history data for you (depending on the country). This includes a report of a phone call to the seller by a local professional car buying agent. We will check that the vehicle is not reported stolen in any EU country. We will give our own view of the car and seller based on the data collected (sample report). This investigation can be bought separately, click this box to buy it or to read more about it.

€ 59.00

Order only this report

Verbal vehicle assessment report

Our experienced car buying agent will call you and you can go through the inspection report together. Order as an add-on to the inspection report.

€ 29.00

Making the deal on your behalf

Our company will buy the car and sell it to you, making the deal 100% secure. Order as an add-on to the inspection report.

€ 599.00

Truck transportation

Ask for an offer - Price always depends on the duration of the transport.

from € 100.00

Import, registration, car loan and guarantee

We can do everything for you in selected countries.

from € 685.00

What do we inspect?

There is a lot to inspect in a vehicle. Download a sample report here. Or read below what will be inspected.

Documents check

Our agent will go through the registration documents. We will make sure that the seller has the legal right to sell the vehicle. We will see that the identification number (VIN) will match the numbers carved on the vehicle body. For EU clients we will check if the car has valid conformity code and can be easily registered to any EU country

inspecting vehicle documents before purchase

Exterior check

We take a paint thickness reading from all around the car to reveal any repainted or repaired parts. This is the most efficient way to know if there has been any accidents in the history of the vehicle. Any current scratches, dents, loose or missing parts will be reported and photographed. The condition of the windshield and other windows is checked.

car agent inspecting exteriors

Tires and wheels check

Agent will check every tire and wheel carefully. You will know the sizes and brands. Report will let you know the remaining mm of the tread. Any scratches on the wheels will be photographed. Same check is applied for the spare wheel or another set of tires.

inspecting wheels and tyres

Keys and equipment

Agent will make sure you receive two working keys. Every equipment is tested for flawless operation.

inspecting car documents and keys

Interior check

We inspect the seats, windows, dashboard, doors, interior roof, sealings, gauges, audio systems, navigators, lights, seatbelts, locks, smells, steering wheel, floor mats, covers and the trunk. You will receive photos of any worn out or damaged spots.

vehicle interior inspections

Engine check

Oil level and quality will be checked. Agent will also make sure there is no visible leaks of oil or any fluids. OBD-check will reveal any fault codes. We will record a video of cold start and the engine noise when engine is running and throttle is pushed. Agent will try to notice any excessive exhaust smoke.

car engine inspection before buying

Road test

During a test drive our agent will make sure the brakes, suspension, steering, engine and transmission are working nicely. The engine noise is monitored during idle and acceleration. We try to make sure there is no additional noises coming from the joints or transmission. We make sure that all additional electronic assistant systems are working as they should.

car test drive before purchase

Our Certified Expert Partners

Please choose one of our Certified Expert Partners to complete an inspection if you want to purchase a vehicle remotely. Only the best and most experienced car buying agents are selected by us to represent our company as a Certified Expert Partner. Our partners will operate as a middleman to actually purchase a vehicle for you. To achieve this level, an inspector will need to perform at least 100 inspections with the best possible review scores. We make numerous background checks to ensure their complete reliability. Our company will secure the deal 100%. Our insurance will cover up to € 200,000 of any damage or loss caused by fraud or scam. InspectWise Ltd will purchase the car and sell it to you. You can rely on our thorough inspection report when making the decision to buy. You will receive the vehicle or a Money Back Guarantee. Making a remote vehicle purchase has never been this easy or safe.

We have four levels of agents based on their experience, education and review scores from past inspections. New inspectors are on Starter level and can upgrade themselves to Equipped Inspector level by buying all the basic tools used for vehicle inspectors. To become a Pro Inspector agent needs to perform at least three inspections and maintain highest ratings from their clients.

See some of our Certified Expert Partners below. They can even buy the car for you.

Kari Eskelinen

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Language skills: English, German and Finnish

based on 109 reviews

Jan-Erik Puurula

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Örebro, Sweden

Language skills: English, Swedish, Russian and Finnish

based on 93 reviews

Antti Winter

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Vilna, Lithuania

Language skills: English, Lithuanian, Latvian and Finnish

based on 72 reviews

Lassi Markkanen

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Oulu, Finland

Language skills: English and Finnish

based on 98 reviews

Ilari Pulli

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Munchen, Germany

based on 85 reviews

Tero Bauer

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Hamburg, Germany

based on 81 reviews

Paul van Coor

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Belgium

based on 51 reviews

Anton Kalland

Certified Expert Partner
Licenced middleman for car purchases

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

based on 101 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to answer any of your questions by email or phone. Please check first if your question is already answered.

  • What will you check during the inspection?
  • At this moment we inspect any motorbikes, cars or vans (less than 3500 kg) historic to new ones. Later we are adding other types of vehicles and allow our agents to set prices for inspections of different vehicle types.

  • If you are a private person living within EU, you need to pay 24% Finnish VAT for any service we provide. This applies also to any company in Finland, since our HQ is located in Finland. Companies from other EU countries need to provide a valid VAT number to get the VAT removed from our services. Any private client or company from outside EU will not pay any VAT on our services.

  • We require our agents to schedule the inspection within one day. Each inspector will be reviewed for their rapidity in their communication and inspection job. Sometimes the seller doesn’t allow inspection immediately. Most often we are able to send you the inspection report within two working days. Some agents work even on Sundays for inspections of private owner’s cars.

  • Only our most experienced inspectors on the highest level (Certified Expert Partners = CEP) are allowed to help you in making a deal. This is for your own safety. If an another agent on lower level made the inspection, you can than hire one of our CEPs to close the deal. You will always buy the car from us based on the inspection report. We will make the deal 100% secure.

  • In EU car prices are ofter mentioned as “netto” without VAT and “brutto” with the local VAT (for example 19% in Germany or 24% in Finland). Vehicle is considered to be new in EU if you buy a vehicle that is registered less than 6 months ago or is driven less than 6000 km. For new vehicles you always need to pay VAT to the EU country where you register it. EU companies can buy a car from other EU country without the VAT and they will pay the VAT to the country where the car will be registered. Private persons are allowed to buy car from a company in other EU country by paying the VAT to the seller and based on the seller’s home country. In that case there is no need to pay VAT in the destination country. This way private persons will save money when they import car from other EU country with lower VAT percentage. Any client from outside of EU, company or private, will not pay VAT to EU. They can buy a car without VAT.

  • Some EU countries have other taxes added to the car price. In Finland and Portugal it is called car tax. In Netherlands or Denmark it is called luxury tax. Buyer from other country can apply to get this additional tax returned to them if the car is exported to any other country.

  • We have years of experience in identifying frauds. As part of our inspection process the agent will always go through number of checks to make sure the car is legitimate. You can be 100% secured when making a remote deal by selecting one of our Certified Expert Parteners and allowing us to make the car deal on your behalf. Our insurance will cover any damage caused by a fraud or a scam up to 200,000 €.

  • If you are not able to personally go and buy the car or you feel that you are not knowledgeable enough yourself to do checks on the seller to prevent frauds, you can always use one of our Certified Expert Partners (CEP) to close the deal. We only secure any payments of cars bought by our CEP. We are not responsible of any damage or harm caused by a deal done by yourself or even by the help of one of our lower level agents or based on any report our agent has done.

  • Remember that some damages can occur after the inspection. For damages that cost you more than 350 € to repair, and were undoubtedly on the vehicle during the inspection and should have been noticed by the inspector (did not appear later during the transport etc), we are willing to return the inspection payment. But we limit our responsibility to the maximum amount that was paid for the inspection. Read more on our terms and conditions.

  • You can pay a bit extra to get also the verbal vehicle assessment report. The agent or an experienced customer service representative will call you and you can go through the report on the phone. On the call you can also get advices on how to go forward if you want to buy and export the inspected vehicle.

  • We will always return the payment if we are not able to perform the inspection. This applies to any other service. You only pay for services we are able to deliver. By buying the pre-inspection history report you will be allowed to cancel the inspection up to 5 hours before the set inspection time and you will receive a full refund of the inspection and traveling fees you paid.

  • Agent will make any possible tests without the test-drive. We will always do our best to be able to make a test-drive with the vehicle. But sometimes it is not possible. Seller might deny the test-drive. Our report will still be out of great value, since our agent will normally spend 1-2 hours in inspecting the exterior, interior and equipment. Agent will also be able to listen to the engine and see if there is any excess exhaust smoke when throttle is pushed. We don’t return any payment if the agent can’t perform a test-drive.

  • Yes, we might be able to help you. You can ask for transportation prices by email

  • We have a really good coverage of agents in Europe. We are looking for new agents all the time and our network of agents is growing. We are aiming to be the place with most car inpector agents around the world.

Tomi Rantanen

Ceo & Founder

“How did I come up with the idea of InspectWise? I have been working in car import and export business from 2011 onward. I have seen and experienced how professional criminals have scammed honest and confident car buyers – me included.

My best friend bought a luxury Mercedes in 2012. It was stolen from Switzerland and cloned with VIN from another car. Police took the car. He lost all his savings and ended up having some car loan for a car that was seized. In 2015 I ended up paying for an almost new Audi Q7 to criminals. They had just taken the car for a test drive and fabricated the documents. In 2020 I noticed that Mercedes-Benz official dealer’s website was hacked and contact details were changed. The invoice I received by email looked professional, but the account number displayed wasn’t one that belongs to the dealer. These criminals were never caught by the police. They are executing new scams at the moment.

These are just three examples of criminal action I have seen. In 2021 I established InspectWise Ltd to make used car deals 100 % safe for car buyers. I am sure this new platform will become super popular even around the world. Please enroll as a car inspector or order a report. I am excited to work with you!”

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