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    • You must be over 18 years and have a driving license (to do the test drive)
    • You need to have basic English language skills (educational material and forms are in English)
    • You need to be honest and careful.
    • You must be able to flexibly take the needed 1-2 hours time to make an inspection when an order comes through to you. Best agents do all inspections within two working days.
    • You need to be enthusiastic about learning new skills. You don’t need to have experience or education about motor vehicles. We will give you the needed education to accomplish inspections.
    • Any background with vehicles is beneficial.
    • You need iOS (Apple) or Android device with internet connection to fill the inspection report.
    • You can use the tools you already own or you can buy a set of tools from us (OBD trouble code reader or paint thickness gauge etc)
    • You must be able to travel to an inspection at least within 10 km of your set map point (home). We are not limiting the area where you want to operate. Just remember that orders come through automatically and you must be ready to travel to any destination within your operational area.
    • You can set your own prices. You will enter your price for making a car inspection and your traveling costs by km.
    • Usual price for an inspection is € 50 / one report
    • Usual price for traveling is € 0.30 / km
    • As a new inspector you might need to sell these for a cheaper price to gain good reviews and reputation
    • Once you have established a good reputation you might be able to charge more
    • You must enter to your personal inspection online calendar the dates when you are not able to do any inspections.
    • You can take days off as much as you want. You can be your own boss.
    • If an order comes through you must accomplish the inspection to maintain your reliability score. Only one cancelation is allowed without losing your scores.
    • You need an IBAN account for commission payments (we recommend Wise borderless account)
    • You don’t need to be in contact with the client. You only fill the report with photos and submit it to the client.
    • You are responsible for the accuracy of your reports, but your liability is limited to the maximum amount of compensation paid to you.
    • You will receive free educational videos to learn how to properly inspect a vehicle.
    • We will advertise InspectWise on Google and social media and we will bring customers to you
    • You will get your own public profile page with your data only. Clients can order your services by entering the seller’s address where the car that needs to be inspected is located. Through your own page the engine is not offering the services of any other agent. It will only allow the client to order the inspection from you.
    • Our automated offer engine on the website will always offer your services (together with others) if someone is looking for a vehicle inspection inside your operational area. The site will bring you work and income automatically.
    • You will be allowed to login and use our InspectWise app on your mobile phone. We think it is the best car inspection app there is.
    • The reports produced with our app are awesome. You will get good reviews from clients for sure.
    • Client reviews will boost your profile and you will be able to climb to higher agent levels with potential higher income.
    • All commissions are paid automatically to your IBAN account right after you submit them

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