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Battery tester

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9.92 EUR


12 V Car Battery Tester

Additional details

    Car battery tester
    Color: Black
    Features: Small size and light weight, convenient to carry.
    Application: battery state check
    Weight: 80g
    Length: 27cm / 10.6in
    Battery tester size: 12.5 * 5 * 1.8cm / 4.9 * 2 * 0.7in
    Material of wire: 0.06 square millimeter copper
    LED quantity: 6 (2 red, 3 green and 1 yellow)

    * LED display indicates condition, for 12V battery only.
    * Alternator state check, battery state check, check before charge and overload display.
    * Alternator check : accelerate your engine to 2000 rpm when the green light is lit, charging circuit is ok.
    * Battery check: indicate the percentage charging in the battery.
    * Charger check: when green light is lit, charging is complete.
    * This is perfect for car/motorcycle battery testing
    * Suitable for 12V lead acid batteries, hardtop batteries, discharge batteries and maintenance free batteries.
    * Fit car, motorcycle, etc., with 12V battery.