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Vehicle inspection reports

On-site vehicle inspection in Estonia

If You are considering buying used car from the Estonian or Baltic car market, it is a good idea to make a purchase decision only after you have had access to the car's inspection report and seen the vehicles history. InspectWise provides you with comprehensive vehicle pre-purchase inspections and history services. Our local inspectors are familiar with the local car market and can travel to the vehicle you are interested in at short notice. Use the link below to see in more detail what our vehicle inspection includes.

How we perform our pre-purchase inspections?

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Car history check in Estonian car market

You can find great deals in Estonian and Baltic car markets, but it is always recommended to check the condition and history of your vehicle before you buy. This way you can avoid unexpected surprises afterwards.

Quality vehicle inspection

InspectWise uses local vehicle inspectors, who are well acquainted with the Baltic car market.

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We have the highest possible credit rating.

Full money back guarantee

Your payment will be fully refunded if the car is sold before our inspector makes the report.

Order vehicle inspection

Full money back guarantee. We will return the payment if the car is already sold or we are not able to make the inspection. On the next page you will tell us the location of the vehicle. Then you can choose one of the nearest car buying agents to make an report for you. You can see the review scores for every agent candidate.

First tell us where the vehicle is located. You can enter either the exact street address or just the city and country (e.g. Tallinn, Estonia)

Car history check in Baltics

Our services allow you to check the history of the vehicle before purchasing


Car history Investigation

This report is done before the actual inspection. Our professionals will collect all available history data for you (depending on the country). This includes a report of a phone call to the seller by a local professional car buying agent. We will check that the vehicle is not reported stolen in any EU country. We will give our own view of the car and seller based on the data collected. This investigation can be bought separately, click this box to buy it or to read more about it.

€ 59.00

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Middlemans and car agents in Baltics

In addition to Estonia, our agents also operate in the following countries, for example:

Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech, Slovakia


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